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Сокрушитель -- один из классов в Lost Ark.

Описание[edit | edit source]

В руках сокрушителя огромный молот, заряженный энергией молний. Пусть этот воин кажется неповоротливым, зато одного его удара достаточно, чтобы сровнять противника с землей.

Навыки[edit | edit source]

Название Описание
Heavy crush.png
Сокрушающий удар Tap

Кулдаун: 5 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [medium], back attack Infuses your hammer with gravity energy and then slams it down in front of you

Gravity impact.png
Гравитационный толчок Tap

Кулдаун: 12 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [medium-high], immune to stiffness You hit down to inflict damage, and you create a gravity zone. The area deals 8 times damage to the enemies present and draws them to its center. Then the area explodes to inflict damage again, luring enemies to you.

Дредноут Tap

Кулдаун: 10 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [medium-high], back attack, destruction level 2, immune to the electric shock Concentrates gravity energy within your hammer, then smashes it to the ground. The impact creates a shockwave launches you into the air, dealing damage to foes upon landing.

Power shoulder.png
Мощное плечо Combo

Кулдаун: 12 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitated [medium-high] Charge 5m forward, dealing dealing damage to foes. An additional combo attack deals damage with an upward strike

Gravity force.png
Сила гравитации Chain

Кулдаун: 14 сек Доп. Эффект: immune to stiffness, incapacitate [low] Swings the hammer in front of you, dealing damage. The hammer creates a gravity energy beam in front you. Enemies are pulled towards you

Running crash.png
Столкновение Hold

Кулдаун: 20 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [medium-high], immune to stiffness, destruction level 1. While holding down the hotkey, you tackle enemies in front of you, and damage up to 7 times. Upon releasing the key or the gauge reaching its maximum, release an explosion that deals damage to foes.

Jumping smash.png
Сокрушающий прыжок Point

Кулдаун: 16 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [low], immune to stiffness, destruction level 1, back attack. Leap high in the air towards a target location up to 10 m away and inflict damage to nearby foes upon landing.

Power strike.png
Мощный удар Tap

Кулдаун: 14 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [medium-high], back attack Raises your hammer and deal three brutal strikes.

Нейтрализатор Combo

Кулдаун: 36 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [high], back attack Saturates the hammer with gravity energy for a massive strike. It inflicts [ ] damage, and creates an unpredictable shock wave within 4m of the target location. You can use the skill two more times. The second hit inflicts [ ] damage, and the third hit inflicts [ ] damage.

Endure pain.png
Подавление боли Tap

Кулдаун: 60 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [low] Unleashes your pain, damaging enemies within 2m. The caster becomes invulnerable to crowd control effects for 8 seconds, and all damage taken is reduced by [10]% (15% at level 10).

Earth eater.png
Земляная воронка Tap

Кулдаун: 18 сек Доп. Эффект: Incapacitate [Extreme-high], Destruction level 2, Back attack Slams the ground behind you. Then swings the hammer to the front up to three times. The first swing inflicts [ ] damage, the second [ ], and the third [ ]. After the third swing, you strike the ground

Full swing.png
Полным ходом Charge

Кулдаун: 22 сек Доп. Эффект: Incapacitate [high], Immune to stiffness, destruction level 1, back attack Swings the hammer 3 times like whirlwind. The first and second swings inflict [] damage. The last swing inflicts [ ] damage. This skill can be charged. The fully charged attack inflicts [ ] damage in total swings

Earth smasher.png
Сокрушение земли Tap

Кулдаун: 24 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [Extreme high], immune to stiffness, back attack Smashes the hammer to the ground,inflicting [ ] damage. It creates a rock on the landing location. You destroy the rock and particles from the rock scatter in a fan-shaped angle, dealing [ ] damage. Successful hits by the particles stun enemies for 3 seconds.

One man army.png
Один в поле воин Hold

Кулдаун: 24 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [Extreme high], back attack Swing the hammer left and right. Each hit inflicts [ ] damage. Continual swings increase over the time and the last hit deals [ ] damage.

Perfect swing.png
Идеальный удар Charge

Кулдаун: 30 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [Extreme High], Destruction level 2, Immune to stiffness, back attack. Moves forward and tackles an enemy for [ ] damage, then hefts the hammer with two hands and smashes them for [ ]. You can charge the skill for 2 seconds. When fully charged, the skill moves 2m farther and the hammer strike deals [ ] damage.

Gravity compression.png
Гравитационное сжатие Hold

Кулдаун: 24 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [Extreme high], destruction level 2 Thrusts the hilt of the hammer into the ground, creating a black hole that deals [ ] damage. You can infuse gravity energy into the black hole for 2 seconds, which then spreads in all directions, dealing [ ] damage. Releasing the hotkey explodes the black hole for [ ]. A completed infusion creates a larger black hole that deals [ ] damage.

Seismic hammer.png
Сейсмический молот Tap

Кулдаун: 30 сек Доп. Эффект: incapacitate [High], Destruction level 2, immune to stiffness Hold the hammer upside down, then leap in the air and smashing the ground for [ ]. After the impact, the skill creates a 5m cone-shaped wall which deals [ ] damage.

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